About Us
Moj e Barkat
Hi, I am the owner and founder of Moj Events and Designs based in Chicago based in Glenview, a suburb of Chicago. I am a mother of four boys, and after moving to the US, I earned my degree in business administration. Still, I have always had a keen interest in arts and design throughout my life, which is why I was the event planner for most of my family's small formal events. From here, my interest grew, and I developed a career path in this field, working in this field for almost ten years now. In 2017, I decided to make an official company and make this my profession. Since then, I have covered numerous events, helping my clients execute their desires through my designs for their events. I look forward to meeting you to make your event the best day of your life.

Khawaja Jawad
Hey there! I’m Khawaja Jawad, a young energetic guy who absolutely loves designing events. It's like bringing a vision to life and creating magical moments for people to cherish. It's my passion, and I pour all my creativity into making each event unique and unforgettable.

Khawaja Hasan
Hi! I am Khawaja Hasan. I work as a PR specialist and marketing manager for Moj Events and Designs. I am an avid reader of fiction novels and I like to paint in my free time. I love coming up with creative strategies to promote the brand image of our company and building a healthy relation with the client.